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October 17, 2011

How to be Creative with QR Codes

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I’ve been playing with QR codes recently, and have started to use them . HELLO if you’ve been at The Experts Conference in Frankfurt and scanned one of from one of my sessions the files form these are on My Skydrive 

I looked at a number of different code libraries which would build a QR code for me but the easiest way turned out to be to use a web service, provided by Google.  And I wrapped this up in a little PowerShell

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(”System.Web") | Out-Null
Function get-qrcode {
param ([parameter(ValueFromPipeLine= $true, mandatory=$true)]
       $path = (join-path $pwd "QRCode.PNG")
  if ($WebClient -eq $null) {$Global:WebClient=new-object System.Net.WebClient }
  $WebClient.DownloadFile(("http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=547x547&chld=H|0&chl=" + 
::UrlEncode($Text)) , $path)
   Start-Process $path

So it takes two parameters, a block of text and a path where the file should be saved. The text must be specified, but there is a default for

To save having to the create lots of web client objects, I keep a web client object , then one line of powershell gets a PNG file from the Google Service and saves it to the path.  Finally I launch the file in the default viewer.

The next step is to use some image tools to pretty up the QR code. I still use an ancient version of PaintShop pro and that does the job here nicely.


On the left is the original QR code, in the middle I have applied some gaussian blur to the image and on the right I have reduced this to two colours, 100% black and 100% white. This smoothes off the edges. Then I take the image back to 16 million colours and add some colour.



One of the really nice things about QR codes is that they have error correction built in (and in my call to the web service I specify the maximum amount) this means we put something which isn’t part of the code into the picture. I’ve used the Frankfurt skyline from the slide template here, but this is scope for creativity.

Of course there is nothing which says the data in the code must be a URL. Here’s a message for anyone who has got a reader. The file name and the Ferrari might be a clue to what it says.


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