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August 17, 2011

Adding “Out-Edit” functionality to PowerShell

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Back in March I wrote about useful bits in my PowerShell profile. Recently I’ve wanted to take the results of what I’m doing into an editor. It’s easy enough to pipe a result into CLIP.EXE which puts it in the clipboard, but it’s not too hard to use the object model of PowerShell ISE to do it directly. 

Function Out-Edit {
  Param   ( [parameter(ValueFromPipeLine= $true)][Alias('Text')]$inputObject, 
   begin   { if ($new)   {$Editor = $psise.CurrentPowerShellTab.Files.Add().editor }
   else         {$Editor = $psise.CurrentFile.Editor }
            if ($before) {$Editor.InsertText($before) } 
   process { $Editor.InsertText($inputObject ) }
   end     { if ($after) {$Editor.InsertText($after) } }

I gave the function a –new switch to decide if the input goes into the current file or a new one. And to allow the input to be topped and tailed – typically with something like $Foo=@" and "@ to make my output into a here-string , it’s just a case of getting a new or current file’s editor and calling its .InsertText() method

Note: In that March piece I showed my replacement for the default PSEDIT function, in the end I merged it with the function above and I’ve put my profile.ps1 on skydrive. In the end I changed the NEW switch, to a “UseExisting” switch, because I found that I almost always needed the new option.

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