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February 11, 2011

Why IE9 might cause some unnecessary installations

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Have a look at this picture and tell me what the user Needs to do (apart from getting a life an not watching the Downfallen Meme on YouTube that is).


It’s pretty clear what they need to do … How about this one which I got this morning.



I have had various different versions of Silverlight on this machine, developer bits and so on. It seems the site wants a different one


I decided this was a beta issue, removed Silverlight, re-installed and yes, you’ve guessed, wound up with exactly the same version number showing under Control Panel / Programs and the same message on the web page.

Eventually I spotted this


That blue symbol means filtering is on – ActiveX filtering to be exact, and that means no Silverlight or flash. That’s a good thing. Until you forget. Which I did, and plenty of other people will too. I like that the notification is discreet. I certainly don’t want something trying to get my attention to say it has saved me from a distracting piece of flash. So web pages need to start saying something different.

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