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December 15, 2009

Server 2008 R2 feature map.

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One of the popular giveaways at our events this year has been the feature poster for server 2008-R2 – which is now available for download. I think the prints were A2 size, although at 300 DPI it is closer to A1 dimensions – the paper copies have all gone although

I’m told more are being printed if you want a paper copy.

One of my fellow evangelists thought it was a great application for Silverlight deep zoom (the technology formerly known as Seadragon). and and I have to say I agree. What better way is there to look at 93 Megapixels worth of image ?
The buttons in the lower right corner include maximize so you can use your full screen to view it. I haven’t got a wheel mouse plugged in at the moment but that is the best way to zoom in and out.

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