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July 28, 2009

Update on Windows 7-E / IE 8

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Many thoughts have been expressed about the situation with Windows 7 and internet explorer in Europe, but relatively few of them on Microsoft blogs.  No-one wants to be the idiot who prejudices a legal case, so anything I (or other bloggers) might be thinking of saying needs to be run past the legal folks first: few of us think a blog post is worth bothering them for*.  The latest official statement is on the Microsoft press pass site , it contains a new proposal, so you might find it is interesting reading. I’ll post something about the practical implications of whatever is finally agreed, but until that point is reached, I’ll stick to signposting what is officially sanctioned.

Please note that reader-comments  to this post would technically be published by Microsoft so I won’t approve any.


* Before anyone feels there is a “Microsoft censors its bloggers” story here, I don’t feel censored. No-one has stopped me doing anything, I’ve just been told what sort of care needs to be taken and why.

Update Someone asked me about the foot note. I picked up the story from a Post  Mary Jo Foley made on twitter. Saying “I’m passing this link on, but can’t add to it reminded me of this post I made a while back. I found it an one interesting to go back to – especially when I followed the first couple of links.

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