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July 5, 2009

Tennis as a way of testing search.

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Like a lot of people who would really call themselves Tennis fans I was watching the Wimbledon final with that very long last set. I wondered what the longest set at Wimbledon was. A quick tap into my favourite search engine pulled up this page on wikipedia


What impressed me was that someone was updating the games count as the match progressed.  Of course, because I used bing I already had the answer: it was 26-28 in a doubles match.


Click fo full size version

One of the things I’m liking about bing is the way it displays results with a little “hover for a précis” beside them. So I wondered what Google would get.


Hmmm. Looks like Google got the wrong answer. Not sufficient to overturn your search engine preference overnight perhaps, but if you haven’t yet taken a good look at bing then you might be missing a trick,

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