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June 8, 2009

Llet the [scripting] Games begin.

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The Windows scripting guys have put up the details of the first event in this years summer scripting games. Entries this year can be in VB Script or PowerShell and each of the 10 events has a  beginner and Advanced version.

I could do the advanced one in PowerShell in my head, but the “Beginner” one took a bit more work. It can still be a one liner, but (for me at least) the advanced line seems more straightforward.

You can submit scripts for the events  There are randomly drawn prizes. So if you are interested in scripting , have a go. It takes less time than a Sudoku (where the medium ones always take me more time than the difficult ones), Crossword or Game of Minesweeper / FreeCell, but hopefully you’ll learn more.

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