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June 3, 2009

A few interesting links.

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I’ve got a little bit of a backlog of links which I’ve been meaning to talk about: usually I like to write a bit more than what I have below, but if I don’t clear off some of the things have been sitting as open tabs in IE8 for a while, I’ll never get round to it.

Talking about windows a series of short videos with interesting folk from the product team and some IT professionals.

One of those was about Energy efficiency – Darren sent me a link to this post of Rob’s which links to a webcast Improving Energy Efficiency with Windows 7 Power Management (it also has a link to a white paper on the same subject)

Some great customizations to Windows 7 Media center (Thanks to Sarah for the Link to that)

IEHist – a tool to dump out the history from internet explorer (ready to analyze in Powershell of course)

Since I mention PowerShell – I’m constantly impressed by Quest’s PowerGUI even though I don’t use it much. Jonathan took my Twitter powerShell scripts and turned them into a Power Pack for PowerGUI.

Xbox stuff announced at E3 ( The video of Forza Motor Sport 3 looked stunning it seems to have a film making mode Halo 3 ODST  out at the same time, with Halo reach for next year and I’m still left staggered by project Natal)

A Nice example of using Live Bing Maps for data visualization. Which constituencies have MPs which claim most expenses

And three which aren’t about Microsoft technology

A good piece on the importance of aesthetics

A rather unusual IM conversation with a scammer

Smashing apps have not one, not two but three pages of “Brilliant photos which look like they are photoshopped but aren’t”

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