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May 21, 2009

How to configure iSCSI on Server 2008 R2 core or Hyper-V server

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In my post a couple of days ago I talked about configuring my servers from the command line and one of my interests at the moment is finishing off some powershell tools to handle the configuration of Server Core and Hyper-V server. I mentioned in passing that I was going to do something to wrap round the horrible command line tool iscsiCLi. Then I saw this mail exchange. 

From: [Engineer]
Sent: Monday,
Subject: Iscscli.exe

Can anyone please send me a step-by-step DOC on configuring disks in Server Core using iSCSICLI.exe?

From: [Consultant]
Sent: [A Little Later]
Subject: RE: Iscscli.exe

R2 or R1?  For R2 use iscsicpl.exe.   Much easier than the command line.

From: [Program manager]
Sent: [A little later still]
Subject: RE: Iscscli.exe

Yes,definitely we added iscicpl in server core specifically to address this, just type iscsicpl from command line to launch gui.

I happened to know the were CPL files for Regional settings and datetime but the rest of control panel was missing. I did a quick search on server core for anything containing CPL and found MPIOCPL and then saw this thread.

From: [Consultant]  
Sent: Wednesday
Subject: iSCSI and MPIO on Server Core

Can anybody share some command on how to configure iSCSI with MPIO on server core?

From: [Prorgram manager]
Sent: [A little later]
Subject: RE: iSCSI and MPIO on Server Core

Both of these have UI’s that can be used.

iSCSI: iscsicpl.exe

MPIO; The feature needs to be enabled first. You can do that using ocsetup or dism.

Once the feature is enabled, use mpiocpl to configure MPIO.

So there might still be a need for automation purposes to use IscsiCli, but iSCSI and multipath IO working you have GUI tools, even on core. So I won’t be doing that in Powershell after all.

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