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May 21, 2009

Another reason why I like IE8 – dealing with broken scripts

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IE 8 just locked up on me. This in and of itself is a Bad Thing. I’ve got into the habit of having lots of tabs open in IE  – I checked it’s currently 70 (why … ? because I can, it’s a pile off stuff I’m thinking about, going back to or what ever). IE 8 will recover from being killed off in task manager. But 70 pages to re-open ? I’d rather not. Then this box popped up 


Ooh. Now that’s rather clever. I’ve popped the offending site into compatibility mode and it’s behaving. Chalk another one up for IE

Update. This is the second post in quick succession where it’s been pointed out that his wasn’t actually new.  I’d never seen it before so perhaps it is better in 8. Thanks to andy for the comment and the reference. I’m off to make a dunce’s hat and sit the corner.

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