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May 5, 2009

Buy the book(s)

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I wanted to get let people know about books which I have been involved in (and one that I haven’t) which all seem to be hitting the shelves together. PowerShell is the common thread to all 5.

First off the one with my name on the cover: I spent some of my copious free time at the end of last year working on the Microsoft PowerShell, VBScript and JScript Bible. I’ll declare an interest that enough copies sell I might see a Royalty cheque one day, I’m not holding my breath though. There are always things in  project like this which you’d differently if you were doing it again, but overall I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Next one which used to have my name on the cover but doesn’t any more. The Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Resource Kit I wrote the Powershell scripts which are included in this Resource kit and  gave them an overhaul for R2. I’ve got a very nice thank you at the start so I’m not grumbling.

Another resource kit is available to order but not out yet. The Windows Server® 2008 Hyper-V Resource Kit  has a chapter which covers the library I put on codeplex. I haven’t seen a copy of the complete book but knowing the author (Robert Larson from MCS in the states) it should be good

Also covering the codeplex library, and also written by authors I know and rate highly is the Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V- Insiders Guide to Microsoft’s Hypervisor

Finally a book on a subject I don’t know much about: VMWare. There are PowerShell tools for managing VMware as well as Microsoft virtualization Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell TFM is the book from Sapien on this. Hal Rottenberg is a Microsoft Powershell MVP and a VMware expert, so about the best placed to write a book on the topic.

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