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April 30, 2009

Now available on ebay … I’ll have a slice of that !

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I’ve been pretty enthused about IE8 since it got to Beta 2. Yes there are some sites which need to be put into “Compatibility view”, which would be better called “IE 7 view” as it renders sites correctly which rely on IE7’s departure from standards. There is an argument for saying “Stuff what the standards bodies do, we’re the biggest browser, that makes us the the standard”, but it’s not really a sustainable one, and very “old Microsoft”. Falling into line with the standards will cause pain whenever you do it, so the sooner it’s done the sooner it’s over. I like the accelerators (see this post from February about customizing them)

“Web slices” are something else which looked interesting, and e-bay had a trial of this going before release, but I was looking for an adapter to attach something to a new lens for my camera and hit this


Notice the little green icon on the right click it and this box pops up


and a pull down appears list on the main tool bar for all the items on the page.


And then it a “slice” shows up on my favorites menu, not quite a gadget, not quite a preview it’s a little bit of the page which lets me check on what’s happening with an item, without the need to sign into ebay.


There is a web slice gallery and I can see some great uses being fount for this

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