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February 6, 2009

Virtualization road show

Earlier in the week we took the virtualization tour over the Irish Sea. Tuesday was Belfast – and with the snow, getting there was quite a challenge. I felt ill all day and didn’t think I’d delivered the content as well as I should have, but the feedback forms were really positive, better than I thought I deserved. Then it was south to Cork: I hadn’t been there before – though I want to go diving nearby – and was quite impressed with an airport which would grace a far bigger place, and with the hotel (free wifi,and a receptionist who takes a lost booking in her stride are both guaranteed to impress). I did a better job , and again we had a really good audience, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people from the audience thank me for the session on their way out.  My Irish surname comes from many generations back, so I don’t have much of a connection with the island, but I’ve come away feeling positive from every trip I’ve made there, North or South, and I’ve volunteered to do events in either place again.

We’re getting to the end of the virtualization tour, we have dates in Scotland for March, which will probably be the last. Before that there are seats available in Northampton on 24th Feb. Northampton isn’t somewhere  we’ve held events before but it’s easy to get to.We keep sneaking new bits into each session and I’m now including demos of the live migration in Server 2008 R2. Just follow the link to book your place

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