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November 2, 2008

Virtualization videos

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I mentioned I was presenting on Virtualization a week or so ago, and Matt was presenting another of the sessions. Without wanting to make a big deal of it, but since I’ve got to know Matt, I’ve come to value his opinion and he used my library from codeplex. to  demo building VMs from a script, he had some really nice things to say about, which did my ego a power of good. 

John Kelbley is a chap I know less well, but it’s always nice to have people who work in the product team telling you that you’ve done a great job. John pinged me a mail to say his discussion from the US tech-ed with Alexander Lash about script-based management for Hyper-V, including a discussion of PowerShell and WMI where they use my library was posted. It’s available for download.
WMV High res version
WMV Low Res version
MP4 Version
MP3 Version

I’m going to be recording at least one video session on PowerShell at Tech-ed Barcelona this week, and with a bit of luck we’ll get one together on Virtualization as well.

Bonus Link, before my ego gets out of control, thanks to Matt for the link to a great Silverlight demo of System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

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