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August 28, 2008

A Nice little Milestone for my PowerShell Hyper-V management library

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As is the way for these things I never wrote in a diary "Started work on a  PowerShell management library Windows 2008 Hyper-V " I know that I first showed it during April’s road show and so it must have begun in March.

In June I opened up a site on Codeplex for it and the first version to see the light of day "0.8" got 139 downloads, "0.9" got 709 and "0.95" and a quickly issued "0.95a" – with 3 bugs fixed – needed to get 152 downloads to break the 1,000 barrier. A lot of the work on it has been done in outside the normal working day, and I guess that it probably adds up to a couple of hundred hours to learn, write and debug. It would be pretty sad if it was only used by a few people. I guess I can stop worrying today downloads of 0.95 moved into the 160s so that’s the magic 1,000 downloads.  I guess this is how proper developers feel at the million download mark.

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