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June 26, 2008

Are people already ganging up on VMware ?

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I think with Hyper-V we’re going to please an awful lot of people, but not everybody. There are some people who will need features Hyper-V doesn’t have – indeed the future of VMware depends on the fact.I don’t want to make the mistake of underestimating a competitor, and write their obituary too early. 

Then last week IDC sent out something titled "Is VMware the new Netscape" (posted, here – registration needed ). Ouch. One of the memorable quotes I had from my friend David during the Microsoft / Netscape wars – before I worked at Microsoft – was "There are two companies in the browser business. One has a huge market share, an overrated product and treats its customers with contempt. And the other one is Microsoft".

Then today: someone sent round a link to a story on PC World – Kiss VMware’s rump goodbye. Say no more.

Update: OK, more. Someone at ZDnet has been having fun with the graphics for Jason Perlow’s take on this story


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