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May 23, 2008

"Lady licensing" blog.

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George has been telling everyone recently about Emma Healy’s blog on Licensing. I don’t often plug other blogs, but I think this one is worth your attention

  • Before I came to Microsoft I used to wonder "Why can’t they make licensing simpler"… these days I have some idea why.
  • Technical people tend to look on licensing matters as "paperwork" with all the disdain that implies, and never take the time to find out about it.
  • Licensing people don’t tend to be visible in public

I wouldn’t pretend that I would go and read about licensing every single day, but that’s the joy of RSS, you can sign up and every so often something that you value comes by. This one on Virtualization for example.

However is it just my puerile mind which makes the title that Emma has picked on Live Spaces – Lady Licensing – sound like something else.

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