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April 25, 2008

On the road again …

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The whole team has been out on doing Technet Roadshows this week, first in Cardiff and then in London. I never like the first date of tour because, no matter how much we rehearse beforehand things don’t click into place until we’ve gone through a real delivery with real customers.  We can see people’s on-line feedback in near-real time; including the "verbatims" the comments people take the trouble to type up: one customer ended a long comment with "Sorry if this all sounds so negative – I’m not really Victor (Bloody) Meldrew. I actually took a hell of a lot out of the whole … I just hope the above helps you in later events." we really do read them all and action what we can. (Specific comments really help) and the delivery changed for London. But … we were more critical of ourselves than the people of Cardiff were [and yes Cardiff, we’ve seen how many of you were glad that we finally came over the Severn bridge]. None of the team felt they’d done a truly good job. I still remember driving Darren back from Nottingham last year after what he called the worst crash and burn presentation of his career; nothing in Cardiff was that bad but the presenter who came back with me this time felt he "tanked". So it was a real pleasure to watch my colleagues today – getting it right. At least that’s how we felt … but lets see what improvements we people can suggest.

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