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February 18, 2008

Makes me glad I got co-pilot.

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I recently blogged about reactivating software – having rebuilt my computer I needed to get my activation keys for Mind Genius and Capture One reset. Neither was a huge problem – a quick e-mail, wait a couple of business hours and and I’m back in business. (A pain if your working out of hours but hey.).  A year or so ago my phone died and I had to go through the some process with my ALK co-pilot sat nav software. Again it just took a quick e-mail.

I’ve been listening to a  colleague trying to do the same for TomTom after his phone needed to be replaced (he’s had some bad luck and this isn’t the first replacement).

  • He mailed them. No good. They wanted proof of a replacement
  • He sent them the delivery note for the replacement phone. Not good enough
  • He got the phone company to e-mail them. Not good enough. Sender IDs can be spoofed.
    (So reply and ask the sender if it was genuine !)
  • He’s got to get something on headed paper to fax though (as if that can’t be faked).

In the time that has been wasted (and remember he has no sat-nav at all while this is going on) he could have activated vista over the phone a few dozen times. It’s taken me less time to build my vista machine, activate it and reactive Mind Genius and Capture one. I think he might be switching to Co-pilot (especially as TomTom have told him his version is going out of support shortly). 

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