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February 15, 2008

You know that Virtualization is going mainstream …

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It’s not when you see articles like this from Mary Jo  (Self styled Linux guy and VMware proponent Jason Perlow thinks Hyper-V is pretty darn good… I want to quote so much of this that really is easier for you to go and read it).
It’s when it’s the subject of a sequence of Dilbert Cartoons.

Oh, and while we’re on Dilbert…
(a)  I hadn’t seen Sunday’s cartoon when I wrote Sundays’s post
(b) I’ve been trying to find a favourite strip which I’m sure is a Dilbert one form about 5 years ago to no avail. With mid year appraisals in the air at Microsoft I’d like to suggest this for some of the "mail bombers" around Microsoft. So with due acknowledgement to Scott Adams for the quotation/original idea (and the usual copyright act caveats which apply here in Britain if it was someone else) I’ve redrawn it roughly how I remember it.

Click for full size version

(Note. I have carefully drawn the boss to NOT resemble any manager in Microsoft connected with me;  and the employee to look as generic as possible. Any resemblance to a real person is an accident – OK ?) .

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