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January 26, 2008


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I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a curmudgeon, although I prefer to think that I don’t waste my good opinions on people who don’t actually deserve it. I mention this because when I say that I think very highly indeed of Scotty Macleod that’s not something I say of everybody, nor something I would say simply because of circumstances. If you asked for a shortlist of the best people I’ve met in this job he’d be on it.


Richard Siddaway (who’d also be on that shortlist) contacted me yesterday, to say Scotty is hospital with a serious head injury following what sounds like a freak accident. I know quite a few readers will have met Scotty and would want to know.


The nature of the major head injuries means it’s impossible to know what the outcome will be, and this must be tough for those who are closer to Scotty than I am. But I suspect there are quite a few people who aren’t all that close too him who will still be hoping or praying for him.


And Scotty, the day you read this and tell me not to be so daft can’t come soon enough.


Update. Steve S was also trying to let me know about this yesterday afternoon, with a link to a little more info.

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