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January 10, 2008

Powershell to add social bookmarking tags

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I blogged before about Lee Holmes’ code to fetch and modify blog posts from PowerShell

I was talking to Eileen about her experience adding social book marking tags one of the drawbacks was that she has to

  1. Post date the blog entry, and publish it

  2. Go to the blog site and get the URL

  3. Go back to live writer

  4. Add the social book marking tags

  5. Change the post date to “now”

  6. Re-publish the blog entry

OK, I’m a geek but I thought “blow that for a game of soldiers: I’ll upload it once and use powershell to make the change. I can even take a trick from Lee and add the links to old posts. So, I put the additional HTML in a text file, substitiute the necessary strings in and add it to the body of the downloaded posts, then re-upload.  

 My updated version of Lee’s code and my additions is in the attached ZIP file. And everything below here was added by the script.


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