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January 1, 2008

One thing I didn’t want for Christmas…

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…was any kind of branded clothing. 

Since our cleaner decided to get out of the business, my shirts are ironed on a “Just in time” basis. Tidying up ahead of Christmas visitors meant moving a large pile of ironing: which reminded me just how many Microsoft branded shirts I’ve acquired over the years:  the tally stands at

  • 8 Shirts Branded Simply “Microsoft”
  • 12 Product or Event shirts
  • 9 Polo Shirts
  • 3 Ruby Shirts

Since I’m not working until the second week of January, and then going to the BETT show (where I’ll get yet more shirts), I can get through the whole of January and February without wearing the same one twice. We’re not supposed to send brand clothes to charity shops, and it irks me to throw away perfectly good shirts (although I do manage with T-shirts I’ll never wear) I might as well wear the darn things, so every day I’m in the office I do just that. Indeed I made a point of putting myself in a rather drab logo’d T-Shirt when I drew my cartoon.

I’ll decline a shirt if there’s a choice: I’m happy to give unworn ones away but if you’re on an exhibition stand or speaking at an event and you must wear the thing, well then it’s used. UGH…. I can’t be the only one with this problem… What does everyone else do ?

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