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November 13, 2007

A week is a long time …

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I’ve been away scuba diving for a week and that’s meant no news, no e-mail and no RSS feeds.  Turn your back for a week and things go mad.

We announced Search Server 2008  (Viral has the details)

We gave Viridian Windows Server Virtualization, a new name “Hyper-V” and a new “SKU” (Stock Keeping Unit – i.e. product version people can buy).  Oh we announced all the SKUs for Server 2008. There will be a Hyper-v Server edition (I’m told ‘imagine Server core with no other roles’ …) at $28. This looks interesting, you can buy server with hyper-v and Licenses for instances of the server OS.  Or you can have Hyper-v on its own to run non-Microsoft workloads. It also seems we’re offering the OS with everything but hyper-v at a $28 discount. That has the ring of D.o.J or EU demands (or an attempt to preempt them) – but only a few people know if that’s really the case, and they’re not saying one way or the other.   

Intel announced their new Penryn chips: Moore’s Law continues  (I love their “I fought the Law” video)

Jobs in the news, Adobe  , Scuderia Ferrari and Honda racing all got new bosses. Ross Brawn at Honda: didn’t see that one coming. Avid readers will remember the whole McLaren / Ferrari “spygate” row started with a McLaren chap and a Ferrari chap who were thinking about going to Honda. What’s in Ross Brawn’s head that Ferrari benefited from and Honda are now getting remains to be seen. Talking of spying, now Renault are being accused

Reading round internal stuff three people I know are moving to new roles (though I haven’t figured out exactly what Steve Clayon’s new gig is).
Steve Lamb has got carbon guilt about going to IT forum (how much less Carbon would be emitted if you stayed home Steve ? ). On the plane back from diving I started a post with the provisional title “Confessions of an environmental hypocrite”.  

Now I’m at IT forum, the flights back from my holiday meant I missed the keynote (Thomas Lee has a good summary). My work for the next 4 days is 3 shifts of two hours each on the “ask the experts” stand. That doesn’t give me the “speaker privileges” that Steve and Eileen get – the interesting Microsoft people from round the world who are here are all in the speakers’ lounge. So I’m left to write blog posts and catch up on my mail .Coming to Barcelona to do that makes me feel bad – if not for the carbon, for the family I’m neglecting and the fish I left behind.  



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