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November 1, 2007

And I get paid for doing this ?

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Why do I get fossil fuels. Office, Creche, Film-set ... ?Actually, no. I got bribed with free sandwiches to use my lunch time testing stuff for First lego League.  I didn’t even know we supported these folks, but my colleague Paul Foster does a lot of  work with enthusiast communities like these, in places like robotics. 400 teams of 9-16 year olds participate in the League (with up to 10 in a team that’s a lot of kids). As well as sponsoring them we are looking to provide “mentors” (coaches might be a better word) for some of these teams in the future.

Our team (too old to be allowed to enter the league) spent lunch time putting together bits if the landscape for an a set of energy focused robotics challenges to work their way around – the theme for the challenge is “the power puzzle” so we were building things with an energy theme. Instead of a nice friendly wind farm, Andrew and I got the Oil Rig.

My 3 – nearly 4 – year old son has only been to Microsoft for the children’s Christmas party, and thinks that the office is full of bouncy castles. If I tell him I played with Lego at work today I think he’ll get completely the wrong idea about what “work” really is. Then again when his sister was here on Tuesday someone turned the office into a film set ! 

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