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October 8, 2007

One of those "Oh no" moments

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Someone was asking me about gadgets, and went off looking for something and turned up a page at Gadgets.co.uk innocently in a corner is something which you’d expect to find in Q’s lab in a James Bond movie, but not in the “Amuse your friends by plugging into their PC” aisle. A key logger.

KeyShark is a small external device, looking like and [sic] adapter plugged into keyboard socket
“Installation takes just seconds, and the KeyShark starts to record automatically.”
“With enough capacity to store half a million characters (key presses), it can quietly record the average computer user for many months and still have memory to spare.”

I knew these things existed, but it came as a shock to find they’re this freely available. At £49 each you can see a whole new generation of fraudsters buying a gross of them, and running round all the local cybercafes.

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