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August 24, 2007

…I will do no work today.

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There is a Cafe which serves our building. They serve Starbucks Coffee, there’s a screen showing MTV and they have all the newspapers. Most days this is a good thing. Today Rhys’ story dominates the news. Sometimes when events of this kind happen Inspector gadget has some perspective which helps. He hasn’t found any way to talk about this; and I’m not going to either. I want to shut myself away and pretend we don’t live in a world like this.

I tried to shut out the world and knuckle down to the PowerShell I’m supposed to be writing: on went the head phones, on went media player in Random mode, on came Anne Clark’s “Elegy for a lost summer”.
I mentioned the line from that ‘Can you feel this pain, and keep your heart unbroken ? “ in a previous post. And today the answer is “no”. Inside, I know I will do no work today.


Normal service will be resumed next week.

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