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July 10, 2007

Moving from VB to PowerShell

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I’m continuing to fiddle with PowerShell.

I have 28 years of BASIC under my belt Starting with a DEC PDP 8/f moving onto Microsoft Basic with the Commodore PET (hands up who remembers Poke 59468,14 and ,12 ?) , through the AppleSoft version of it, and Sinclair Spectrum (with it’s one touch expansion of tokens, M was pause – my mnemonic – PAWS on a Mouse.)  Through Access Basic, Word Basic, VB version 1 and so on…. So when I what to convert a number to it’s ASCII character I know it’s CHR$(x) – or in these enlightened times where we don’t put $ on string variables and functions any more than we use line numbers and Goto – simply CHR(x). So what’s the Powershell equivalent ? (1)

If you’re at the same stage of learning Powershell as I am , a technet page called Converting VBScript Commands to Windows PowerShell Commands is a fantastic resource. Enjoy.


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(1) [Char]$x does it.

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