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April 26, 2007

3 days with the E650 phone and Windows Mobile 6.

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Teething troubles with the new phone have proved to be pretty minor. I’m finding more things to love about this phone.

I’ve got one major annoyance: on the C500 with Mobile 2003 I could go to Settings/Phone/Call options and program the Microsoft voice mail number with my account code and Pin as +44118909xxxxPyyyy#Pzzzz# (where xxxx is the voicemail number, yyyy is my extension and zzzz is my pin, so dials , P inserts a pause and then it enters my number followed by the hash sign, pauses for the password prompt, enters the pin and another #).
On the E650 with Mobile 6 only + and digits are allowed.

I’ll forgive the device this for a four of it’s mail features. Here are the first three, I’ll save the other one for another post.
Click for a larger image

 On the left we can see a Rich Text mail … I like the way Exchange 2007 does these mail notifications – and I let deleted items build up it had got to 5660 items by this afternoon.
In the middle – I’ve gone back to the tools menu at my inbox: notice I can set my Out of Office from my phone. The number of times I’ve set off for a trip and realized I’ve forgotten to do it doesn’t bear thinking about.
I selected Empty deleted items from the tools menu and on the right you can see the warning I got. It was interesting to watch the deleted items folder in Outlook as the messages drain away. About this time of year 2 years ago, I was on holiday, without my laptop checking (and deleting) mail from my phone and my mailbox hit its limit. I had to pay to clear my deleted items from a cybercafe.

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