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January 19, 2007

Friday Humour

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I seem to be able reduce the other members of the team to laughter with silly voices. I met up with an old friend last night and that subject came up and I explained to her that I had been known to sing Dido’s “White Flag” in the voice of Winston Churchill…

When I got e-mail on the home computer from a fellow photographer, who obviously shares my warped sense of humour, and a few clicks later I was helpless with laughter at  TheDoctorSings. BT have a service which reads text messages out to people on landline phones. And for a limited time they had Tom Baker as the voice. To most people over 35 Tom Baker is “Dr Who” – the BBC’s “Dead Ringers” show made a series of radio sketches with one of the impressionists ring people up as Baker’s Dr Who … phoning Directory Enquiries and asking for a number on Galiphrey. Now with BT giving you the chance to get Tom Bakers voice to say pretty much anything you want the obvious thing was to mate this with some Karaoke CDs and hence TheDoctorSings. OK, maybe it wasn’t the most obvious thing to do. And putting together a Duet with the voice of Stephen Hawking wouldn’t be obvious to anyone with taste… Some people have altogether too much time on their hands. Now what could we do with Microsoft speech technologies, for example Outlook Voice Access….

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