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January 18, 2007

Business Desktop Deployment 2007, now available.

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There’s lots of of information on the Technet Desktop deployment page.

To quote from the mail I had telling me that BDD 2007 was release:


BDD is the best practice set of comprehensive guidance and tools to optimally deploy Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Many changes have been made to BDD to significantly ease the deployment of Windows Vista, including new out-of-the-box imaging technologies, XML-based migration scripts, new tools for image engineering (ImageX and System Image Manager), application compatibility (Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0) and the new unattend XML format. Another huge breakthrough with Windows Vista is Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) independence and language neutrality; this means that our customers can get to a minimal number of standard images across multiple hardware types and languages.

As with any advancement in technologies, getting the maximum benefit requires understanding the tools and technologies. BDD 2007 provides the depth of guidance and tooling to make the Windows Vista and 2007 Office system deployment process predictable and scalable.

  • BDD 2007 includes best-practice guidance based on every stakeholder role involved with desktop deployment, from business decision makers to end users. Tasks are divided into logical groupings, and comprehensive job aids are included to support the entire deployment process.
  • BDD 2007 provides the layer of project management knowledge and tool integration to make the complex desktop deployment process seamless and predictable, while reducing or eliminating deployment-related service disruptions and help desk calls.
  • Many of the tools and guides within BDD 2007 can even be used throughout the desktop management life cycle to provision new users, maintain images, and centrally manage drivers and applications.
  • BDD 2007 introduces the new Deployment Workbench, which enables users to build and manage multiple OS configurations, define network deployment points and network shares, inject drivers, attach language packs, and chain applications. It even helps generate ISO and WIM images using Windows PE that can be deployed in a networked environment or using DVDs offline.
  • BDD 2007 also alleviates much of the scripting requirements of previous deployment practices by incorporating a stand-alone task sequencer derived from System Center Configuration Manager 2007. BDD continues to offer the flexibility for Zero Touch Installation with Systems Management Server 2003 and Lite Touch Installation with minimal infrastructure requirements.

To learn more about this solution accelerator, visit the Overview page of the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 or download BDD 2007 now


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