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January 8, 2007

A good day to be a fake doctor …

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I mentioned we had something big planned for the CES show in Vegas, and that something is Windows Home Server. There was a nice teaser site, The Center for Digital Amnesia Awareness which now has the information on it.

On 10 has a video which explains it; their summary

As a small, headless box that lives on your network and in your closet, a Windows Home Server can quickly grow the pool of storage from which all of your shared files for each of your users lives. The backup engine in Windows Home Server also silently backs up the entirety of each machine connected to it every night. And because the data is always online, using the built-in remote access abilities, you’ll also be able to access your data from any machine on the planet.

Charlie Kindel works on it – and he has a photo which shows the kind of ideas people have for machines that will run WHS, the Windows Server Solutions Group (which is also responsible for SBS – which Eileen mentioned recently)

One thing that seems have caused confusion is the “Personalized Internet address from Windows Live™ with no monthly service fees* ” something I read says owners of home server will be able to get a name within a domain owned/managed by windows live. I’m guessing there will be a mechanism either for home server or the DNS Server to discover the machines true Internet address and register dynamically.

I’ll post more as I have it

Update: There’s a good five minute summary Video now on the MicrosoftAtCES site


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