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January 6, 2007

Microsoft at CES

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The Consumer electronics show starts in Las Vegas on Monday. The internal rumor mill has been going crazy and we’ve been told not to blog about …. well I can’t tell you what obviously.

Bill Gates is delivering a keynote speech on Sunday night – 6:30PM Redmond time, by which point most people working in Europe will have gone to bed. On Monday you’ll be able to view it via  http://microsoftatces.com/ 

They’ve already got some videos on the site. One is for the “Wireless Desktop 8000” . Lousy name, very cool product. When we look at Apple we see fantastic industrial design, which I don’t see in my original X box, or the older Microsoft mice (look out for the very first MS mouse in the video – about 4:40-4:50). These days I have a Philippe Starke mouse at home, and design of the Xbox 360 is pretty good. This is the first time I’ve seen a keyboard that would inspire envyI saw these before Christmas: they’re not cheap but I have a plan to get my hands on one. As and when I do I’ll blog about it.


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