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January 5, 2007

More on keyboard short cuts.

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Eileen mentioned something about Keyboard shortcuts on her blog, teasing me for not telling her about them, but forgetting that she and I both posted connected items in August. You can get a full list for Windows generally, Explorer, IE and Photo gallery in Windows help. Just type “Keyboard shortcuts” in the search box.

One of the keys that was mention was ALT-Space to pull down the “Window” menu. ALT-F4 for “Close” is listed on that menu, Windows inherited this through the relationship we had then with IBM; as well as command names like “Maximize” instead of “Zoom”.  One thing that changed around the release of Word 2 for Windows, and Windows 3.0 was the keys used for Cut, Copy and Paste. Ctrl+C was originally “Centre paragraph” in word. Cut was Shift+Delete, and insert was Shift+INS. Both of these still work by the way, and they’re not on the list in Windows help – if you didn’t know this and you have the kind of friends who’d be impressed by it … no don’t thank me. 

Anyhow, some time about 1991 we began to change over to the keys we use now. Control + C for copy was obvious but why Control Z for undo. and control X for cut. (Why was X cut and C copy) why Ctrl V for insert ?

It’s obvious when you look at the letters as graphic shapes.

 Easy isn’t it.

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