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December 7, 2006

We’re hiring !

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Microsoft UK in general, but the IT pro evangelist team in particular. If you fancy my job (well not mine – I’m staying put thank you very much) then drop me a note. You can’t do the job without a reasonable grasp of technology (or at least the ability to be pick it up) and being able to talk about it. We won’t want anyone who isn’t passionate about it.

My former colleagues in Microsoft Consulting Services are looking for people too. When I was still there, my director told a meeting “If you wouldn’t recommend working here to a friend, you probably shouldn’t be here yourself”. At the time I was working out where I wanted to go because MCS really wasn’t for me, and a friend who I introduced to the company wanted to move into MCS. Bit of a moral dilemma…  I told him about the negatives but made sure he spoke to someone who could give him the positives. I’m pleased to say his informed decision was that it was right for him and after a few months he’s still enjoying it.

Not everyone would want to be an evangelist, or a consultant, or a support engineer, or a marketing person or … you get the picture. But we’re hiring for a wide range of things right now, and I think Microsoft is a better place to be working than it was a year or two ago: not just because I like my current job more than my previous one, and not just because of the changes to grading and bonuses made in the May either; I said then we’d got rid of the worst thing about working here, and 6 months on I don’t think that was an overstatement. Still that doesn’t account for all the improvement. Logically, there are better and worse times to join any company. There’s a feel-good factor that comes with growth; a new London office coming on stream in the new year and a new building going up in Reading show that we’re growing. And companies have a good feeling when new products are going out; I joined just after the 2000 wave of products hit and that was a good time, the perfect time would have been just before. If you think working for Microsoft might be a part of your future, now would be a good time to act on it.


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