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December 1, 2006

The Phone is dead #1

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Or “Le Phone est mort, vive le phone”

I now have my 3rd C500. The first one got lost on a plane in May 2005, second bore the scars of a hard life, but died on it’s charger last week. Although Orange got me #3  pretty quickly, switching phones isn’t totally smooth

  • My phone runs ALK’s Co-pilot sat nav software and the activation process fails because my product key was used on the old phone.
  • I still haven’t figured out what I did before to get OneNote 2007 Mobile working on the phone.
  • I had my own screen layout (XML) and in moving PCs I seem to have lost the backup copy I had.

However it’s a pretty quick process to set up sync with a server – typing in the server name takes about 50% of the time – then whoosh I have my contacts and appointments on the phone. Being without my phone for a couple of days was a reminder of just how dependant on that. I’d got the old phone to a state where it couldn’t be upgraded to sync with the Vista media player, the new one has the upgrade, so that’s a bonus.  

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