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November 27, 2006

Huskies, Cats … oh and a whale for good measure.

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My Colleague Mike Pallot keeps an interesting blog, which I’m slightly ashamed to say I found by accident : a recent entry got me to do a test of my “Personal DNA” which comes back with saying I’m a …

Most of Mike’s stuff is about High Performance Computing and Search. He gives a great analogy for High Performance Computing , Cray Super Computers (like the one I got access to as a student in the mid 1980s) were like race horses, Linux Clusters resemble flocks of chickens that are tough to harness, manage and configure, and Windows Compute Cluster Server is like a team of huskies. Presumably the number one dog in the team is a respectful leader too.

Hmmm. Herding Chickens ? I thought the phrase was “Like herding cats” (I love that commercial – shame it’s only in qucktime). Mike says the analogy made him cry with laughter… now … leaving the office this evening I was listening to Radio 4’s PM program and I heard “A listener contacted us to say they’d found the exploding whale on You tube”. If you don’t know the exploding whale (the story of removing a Dead Whale with Dynamite)  it takes two seconds to find it. And it makes me crry with laughter everytime.

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