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October 16, 2006

Why Vista was delayed …

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I’ve mentioned previously that I’m coveting the new Pentax K10D – sadly Pentax have pushed the release back a few weeks, either because they have so many pre-orders for them that they want to produce some more, or perhaps because finalizing the camera and getting into production took a little bit more work than they expected.

This is not unusual, it seems to be human nature to under estimate the time it takes to do something. Stories abound of government IT projects which are late. I keep reading about delays to the airbus A380. Sony’s playstation 3 has had its availability pushed back, the 3G phone I was expecting has been deferred. Windows Vista looks like it will ship in the timeframe we gave back in the spring … but that was a postponement of a date that had already been pushed back.

Catching up on some reading over the weekend I read about a change we’ve put into Minesweeper for Vista: not simply the nicer graphics (which bump it’s memory use up). Some people find a game that involves treading on mines very distasteful and have said so, therefore the game now has 2 modes – don’t step on the mines, and don’t step on the flowers (click game, change appearance).The link gives you some idea what’s involved with changing something apparently so minor.  

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