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October 9, 2006

Get Safe On-line

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Steve is off working on Get Safe On-line this week. The BBC reports a government sponsored survey released to coincide with the push says 21% of people felt most at risk of “net crime” compared with 16% who were most afraid of being burgled.

When I worked on last years campaign I drew parallels between feeling safe in your home and on line.

  1. Don’t let the bad guys just walk in… For your home, put locks on the doors, For your PC use a Firewall (Windows XP SP2, and Vista have them, but there are good ones available cheaply or even Free.)

  2. Bad maintainence can let them in… For your home, keep doors and windows maintained (it’s no good having locks if someone can push the doors in), For your PC Make sure you keep it up to date – use Windows Update.

  3. If the bad guys get in, sound the alarm… For your home, get a burglar alarm, For your PC use anti-virus / anti-spyware software. (Windows defender helps find malware, and there are good third party products, again some are free).

  4. Be on your guard when people visit… For your home, check callers before letting them in, For your PC be suspicious of mail that you didn’t expect. Did someone in Nigeria really choose you to help them get money out of Africa for a cut of the proceeds ?

  5. If the worst happens… For your home, insure your house and contents, For your PC Backup your information.

Now, the chances are the people who read this blog know that anyway. Spread the word.

This post originally appeared on my technet blog.


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