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October 5, 2006

Vista RC-2 heading into view

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It looks like someone has been giving Paul Thurrott some internal emails again. We have the build which we think will be RC2 – 5744. Numerologists will note that we have moved on 144 – a multiple of 16 – from RC-1, which is 5600. (See my explanation of build numbers spurred on by Paul).

I’m running 5728, which has some noticeable improvements over RC1. 

We seem to have been incrementing the builds in steps of one over recent days, and there were builds numbered 5743.0 and 5743.1. Paul suggested that we were going to release one of those, but have switched to 5744. The minor build number for 5744 is 16384, which normally indicates a build we think we may release…

RC2 will be on the Technet and MSDN sites soon after the build is judged “fit”. Watch this space.

This post originally appeared on my technet blog.


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