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September 23, 2006

Vista update. RC1 is so passé

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There’s a post “Interim Windows Vista Build 5728 Released Today” over on the Vista team blog. I’ve already explained that “true” builds of vista move in increments of 16, so this is 8 builds on from 5600 which is RC-1 (which I’ve only been using for 7 working days) .

I was expecting to see a release candiate 2 about a month after RC-1 – still a week or two away – with the release to manufacturing a month after that.  I don’t know if this is a substiute for RC2 or if the intervals are going to be a little longer, putting RTM in mid November rather than early November. If I get any more information I’ll share it when I have it.

Bonus link: Also on the Vista team blog, they’ve mapped where our beta testers are. Awesome use of MapPoint.

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