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August 14, 2006

Interview with the MD

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There are days I jump in with both feet. One of those was the day that Gordon Frazer was announced as our new MD. He seemed approachable, so I pitched him my idea to bring something like Channel 9 to the UK… wouldn’t it be great to do the first interview with him ? Eileen was out of the country at the time but after a quick exchange of text messages, she thought it was a good idea too.  Gordon said yes – which, as it turned out was the easy part. It’s taken a week to get the video edited and posted, but Talking Microsoft is live with its first video for all to see, and we now know the process so future videos won’t take so long. [Note to self: don’t use the MD to learn on in future…] 

To save you can going there you can click to play (WMV format) or click to download (Zipped WMV).  And if you’ve got comments, or suggestions for future interviews please post them with the video

I said it would be a day of Links. And thanks to Steve who was my producer and cameraman.  

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