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August 11, 2006

On current events

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Eileen wrote Recently “Companies are still in the dark about Real Time Communications, some people view it as a waste of time and an invasion into their work time. “

You can get a 14 day free trial of live meeting and this video shows where we’re going with RTC – personally I can’t wait for roundtable..

I’ve averaged an intercontintal flight every 6 weeks for the last year and half. Most of that was when I worked in MCS and my time was billed out at £200 per hour. Between the departure terminal and the flight I might use my laptop for 10 hours on a flight; I’ve answered key mails from my phone while waiting to board the aircraft. Deny me those, and the cost of lost work runs into thousands is more than the price of the air ticket.

Microsft travel advice says “There is a significant risk checked laptops without special transport cases will be damaged in transit”. The big suitcase that came with me on my last trip bears scars from baggage handling staff – and I fly mostly from the airport known as Theifrow. If my laptop or Cameras have to go in the hold that makes a stressful process worse. And I can’t even put my headphones on and escape into my own private bubble.

I hope things get back to normal soon, because I sure don’t want to fly as things are.

Update: August 16th, things are moving back towards sanity and laptops are allowed on planes again. But British Airways alone thinks it has lost 10,000 bags some containing people’s car and house keys. Half of which have been reunited with their owners. How many laptops an cameras are missing presumed stolen (and uninsured) is anyone’s guess.  

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