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August 4, 2006

The one minute guide to Microsoft anti-malware

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One of the best sessions I went to at Tech-Ready last week was one which didn’t deliver what it advertised. Billed as “Anti-Malware technologies in Windows Vista” it morphed into a tour of what we we’re doing in this area. What surprised me was that I couldn’t have mapped out all of the following … What is the difference between Defender the Malicious software removal tool (I have to hyphenate that, so it is clear whether it is the tool or the software which is Malicious.)

Here is a Summary which I hope you’ll find useful – the products, how they are distributed, whether they are real-time or after the fact, what they act against.

Product Distribution Real
time ?
removal tool
or Windows Update
No Common
IE 7 installation and
Windows Vista upgrade process
  No Common
MSN Messenger V8   No Viruses in
File transfers
http://safety.live.com   No Viruses and
Forefront / Antigen Licensed for servers
(SPS LCS Exchange)
No Viruses (using Microsoft
& other engines)
Defender Mostly Consumer &
Small business
(free download)
Yes Spyware only
Live One-Care Mostly consumer &
Small business (charged)
Yes Viruses and
Forefront Client Larger organizations
Yes Viruses and

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