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June 30, 2006

More on Bill …

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The news earlier this week that Warren Buffett was giving $37bn to the Gates’ Foundation has thrown out up some interesting questions. As I mentioned in an earlier post Bill’s “retirement” announcement was two years in the planning . If Warren’s announcement had come first – well that would have kicked off some speculation about Bill’s plans…

Reading Gapingvoid I was thinking about cartoons which are not primarily about draughtsmanship, and realised that just because mine is a bit lacking it shouldn’t stop trying a few. I’ll try to make it a regular Friday thing, if the feedback’s good that is…

Then came the news that Bill, the President of Nigeria and Bob Geldof are to sit on a committee being set up by Tony Blair to track progress on Aid to Africa following on from last years G8 Summit agreement . That’s going to be an interesting working relationship; but the first thing I thought of was a cartoon of Hugh’s .

Today the news came through that the World bank was preparing a $37bn debt cut for poor nations, as part of the G8 agreement. $37bn, on 36 or 38 … Exactly the same as Warren Buffet gave, what the odds of that ?

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