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June 20, 2006

More on filing vista bugs

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Good news. I’m given to understand that the two things I hoped were easy to fix in my “Time to start a Vista cool wall” post, (drag and drop in IE, and drag and drop to the command prompt) are fixed in the next version we’ll see.

I’ve filed 6 vista bugs, 3 are fixed, 1 is a feature request which is on the list for the version after Vista, 1 is under investigation, and 1 seems to have been declared “not a bug”.

As I said before – File those Vista bugs ! if you’re running vista and something doesn’t work as you think it should the tool is there.

Little footnote. In File those Vista bugs ! I said how much I liked Malmaison in Manchester, I took my wife for dinner at the Oxford one – the prison conversion is fantastic. They’re working on one in Reading which will I expect to be a favourite with Microsoft visitors when it opens. Trivial things matter a lot when to travelling customers a thing like free internet in a hotel wins them over.


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