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June 16, 2006

The Motorola Q …

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Jason Langridge likes the Motorola Q. – he keeps lamenting the fact that only works on US networks. I was at a meeting last week where someone had brought one over from the US. I when Motorola produced one of the first Tri-band phones and it was has to go down as one of history’s design disasters. Their industrial design today is just fantastic. (I’ve written before about the quality of Apple’s design work). The Q is going to sell in huge numbers, and Expansys are taking pre-orders for the European version.

I’ve been in London for the technet roadshow for the last few days and I keep seeing adverts for HPs 69xx and 65xx Mobile messengers, these are Pocket PC devices (the Q is a smartphone). But do HP market it for Excel, Word, Powerpoint or even the fact it has GPS and GPS software ? The name mobile messenger tells you a lot.

I wonder what niches Blackberry will be left to fill …

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