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June 14, 2006

RSS in the Enterprise

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Before IE7 and Office 2007 Beta 2 I used Attensa to bring RSS Feeds into Outlook, I liked the product and I’m still on their mailing list, they just sent me a link to their white paper “Enterprise RSS: the center of attention” and it’s useful reading for anyone asking what RSS means for internal information, and the management of information overload.

Their blog links to a report on RSS by Jupiter Research which says

  • 63% of companies with over US $50M in revenue expect to use RSS by the end of 2006

  • In May 2006 when the report was produced, only 29% of these companies were using RSS.

  • 48% of companies who are doing RSS are spending $250K or more

With support in IE7 for RSS feed discovery and retrieval, Outlook 2007‘s ability to be a great reader for those feeds, and Sharepoint 2007’s ability to make any list an RSS feed, implementing RSS solutions is going to be both cheap and easy for a lot of customers. I predict now that as RSS becomes more widely available users will begin making demands for RSS couched in terms like:

  • Don’t fill my inbox with a hundred bits of new information

  • Don’t save up 100 bits of news and send me a huge news letter

  • Don’t expect me to visit your web site to see if there is new information.

  • Don’t Mail me lists of links to your web site either

  • Do allow me to carry your information on my laptop when I’m disconnected

All solved by RSS.


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